Writing a character description of hermione

She punches Draco Malfoy after he insults Hagrid, who is distraught over the Hippogriff Buckbeak's impending execution. The article changes the public's perception about Harry and Dumbledore, leaving Umbridge furious and casting doubt on the Ministry's official stance. Other students wondered why she had disappeared; many assumed that she had been attacked, so they tried to parade past the hospital wing in order to spot Hermione.

Hermione Granger

When Harry was having trouble sorting out the status of his relationship with Cho ChangHermione told Harry about the intense emotional and psychological period the Ravenclaw must have been going through, based on various events then occuring in Cho's life, and gave him tips on how to talk to her.

And, though she often interprets girls' emotions for Harry and Ron, she is not some sort of relationship guru. Ron was tangibly affected. Students from Beauxbatons and Durmstrangarrive at Hogwarts for the Triwizard Tournamenta recently revived, and dangerous, competition.

Although the three reconcile after McGonagall returns the broom in the spring, tension erupts between Hermione and Ron when Ron suspects that Crookshanks killed Scabbers, who has suspiciously disappeared.

Muggles' Guide to Harry Potter/Characters/Hermione Granger

Krum, who is chosen as Durmstrang's student representative in the Triwizard Tournament, is popular among Hogwarts girls—and boys—due to his international acclaim. Strengths[ edit ] Hermione's greatest strength is a vast intellect combined with her magical ability.

As the Trio is about to embark on their mission, Hermione shrinks everything they need, packing it all in a carrying bag.

The Trio become separated, but Harry and Hermione retrieve the Locket and, meeting up with Ron, barely escape. She is at The Burrow preparing for her and Bill Weasley's wedding.

Hermione Granger

When Harry experiences a vision that Voldemort is torturing Sirius at the Ministry of Magic, Hermione, suspecting it may be a trick, suggests using the Floo Network to attempt to contact him. She is also highly intelligent, and her somewhat superior manner, coupled with a bossy nature, is rather off-putting to many peers.

Hermione's plan backfires when, accidentally adding cat hair to her potion, she half-transforms herself into a feline, landing her in the Hospital Wing for a month.

Muggles' Guide to Harry Potter/Characters/Hermione Granger

Later in the year, she and Harry would use the Time-Turner to rescue Sirius Black from the Dementor's Kiss as well as Buckbeak the hippogriff from execution.

This causes her teeth to grow extremely quickly. She confiscated 'Baruffio's Brain Elixir' from Eddie Carmichael—who was just about to bilk Harry and Ron by charging them twelve Galleons for a pint of the elixir which, though possibly not harmful, was innocuous at the very best—and disposing of it down the toilet.

Her intelligence, while initially more academic, has increasingly been combined with her magical skills, helping her become a skilled duelist, capable of battling far more experienced Death Eaters, as she demonstrated in the battle at the Department of Mysteries, and later in the final battle at Hogwarts.

Harry, meanwhile, is peeved at being passed over. She helps Harry regain his faith in the Headmaster by showing him that Dumbledore chose to overcome his earlier failings to instead follow a light path.

She helps Harry regain his faith in the Headmaster by showing him that Dumbledore chose to overcome his earlier failings to instead follow a light path. When we next see Hermione, she is recuperating in the Hospital Wing.

She and Ron both promise to write to Harry during the summer. Given her great burgeoning intellect, Ravenclaw would seem more suitable. Whereas Harry begins losing faith in Dumbledore, and Ron loses faith in Harry causing him to temporarily depart the questHermione remains steadfast, determined, and loyal to Harry, and always believing in Dumbledore and his mission.

Knowing that the bigoted Dolores Umbridge has targeted Hagrid and all non-humans and half-humans at Hogwarts for unfair dismissal, Hermione strongly urges him to only use Ministry-approved animals in his Magical Creatures class.

Hermione asks Professor Binns to tell the class about the Chamber. Hermione is always at the top of the class, as expected.Useful for whole class activity to start describing characters.

Children look at JK Rowling's description of Harry Potter and then shared writing to describe Ron and Hermione/5(9). Hermione Granger. Hermione’s character develops significantly over the course of the story and sheds light on Harry’s character as well. At the outset, she is an annoying perfectionist, a goody-two-shoes who has read all the books for her classes in advance, has learned all.

Powerpoint consists of extracts of character descriptions from a variety of books with question prompts to explore author's viewpoints and methods of description. This can be used to show how description can be 'weaved in' to writing rather than just a li /5().

Sample Character Descriptions From Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J. K. Rowling (Scholastic, ) • He was a big, beefy man with hardly any neck, although he did have a very large mustache. Mrs. Dursley was thin and blonde and had nearly twice the usual amount of neck, which.

As Hermione's hair is more likely attributed to genetics than age, authors should avoid this common character description. In AU fics, Hermione is often placed in Ravenclaw. Writing Hermione. Hermione was one of the five portraits Luna painted — along with Harry, Ron, Ginny, and Neville — and hung from her bedroom ceiling, the word "friends" linking them in gold agronumericus.com status: Muggle-born.

Writing a character description of hermione
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