The important role helicopters played in the vietnam war

It could fly wounded soldiers to aid stations very quickly, usually within the critical first hour. The eleven day "Christmas Bombing" of had accomplished what hadn't been done in over 14 years, it brought the North Vietnamese to the negotiating table.

With the advent of Rolling Thunder, American airbases and facilities needed to be constructed and manned for the aerial effort[ citation needed ].


Help the infantry and tanks on the ground by giving them information, such as which terrain is the most advantageous, and if the are moving in the correct direction. The main missions performed by this aircraft during the Vietnam Conflict had been close air support CAS to ground forces and protection to helicopters rescuing airmen downed in enemy territory.

The helicopter was also adapted for many other roles in Vietnam, including ground attack, reconnaissance, and electronic warfare. Another surprise for the communists was that the ARVN did not collapse under the onslaught, instead turning in a performance that pleased even its American patrons.

Women in the Vietnam War

In the Korean War, the main purpose of the helicopter was to transport wounded to the rear two at a time. If you are fired at, then you drop smoke, so the Cobra the killer know where the enemy is and can fire the rockets. Wild Weasel missions are used today and are an integral part of any successful air campaign.

Why not four in the helicopter and a mini-gun?

Vietnam War

Apart from nurses, only nine Navy women—all officers—served in Vietnam, including Lieutenant Elizabeth G. A guy called Jim Gavin wrote an article called "Cavalry - And I don't mean horses" where his vision was that bigger, faster helicopters could carry infantry into the battle and make it a three-dimensional nightmare for an enemy commander.

Communist forces and weapons[ edit ] Captured PAVN weapons Communist forces were principally armed with Chinese and Soviet weaponry though some VC guerrilla units were equipped with Western infantry weapons either captured from French stocks during the first Indochina war, such as the MATor from ARVN units or requisitioned through illicit purchase.

This website discourages contributors from submitting duplicated or stolen content. Later supplemented by the improved XM New weapons and tactics were introduced onto the battlefield like never before in the history of modern warfare.

These realizations and changing attitudes forced the American public and politicians to face hard realities and to reexamine their position in Southeast Asia. President Nixon took the gloves off, so to speak, and gave the military commanders the flexibility and command to prosecute the war.

Weapons of the Vietnam War

The war would rage on between the North and the South for two more years.May 30,  · Women in the U.S. Navy, Air Force and Marines in Vietnam. Members of the U.S. Navy Nurse Corps also played an important role in the conflict beginning in The Role of Airpower in the Vietnam War The Role of Airpower in the Vietnam War by Mike Nastasi Introduction The use of air power in the Vietnam War would change the way wars were fought for the Twentieth century and beyond.

The Huey AH-1B attack helicopter was the most prominent of the attack helicopters used during the war. With the.

How the Helicopter Changed Modern Warfare: Vietnam

The Huey helicopter shaped the Vietnam War, argues Matt Leonard, allowing the US to carry the war to the guerrillas, tactics; but arguably, it also played a role in America’s defeat.

Choppers and dominoes As the Cold War raged across the globe, The US operating more than 3, helicopters in Vietnam.

Role of the United States in the Vietnam War

Two thirds of these are Hueys. The article The role of helicopters in the Vietnam War is authored by Sakhal at Military History website. The Korean War witnessed a much wider usage of helicopters, most famously with the H and its role in the medical evacuation of wounded personnel to field hospitals, but in minor troop insertions and in a limited reconnaissance role, as well.

How the Helicopter Changed Modern Warfare: Vietnam. Posted on November 18, by Brittany Leddy It was the start of an important facet of the long war of mutual attrition, one in which the mobility and firepower provided by helicopters was the only means by which American and ARVN forces could contest the actions of the North Vietnamese.

The important role helicopters played in the vietnam war
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