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Describe the two ways of implementing the Queue. Ethics, also known as moral philosophy, is a branch of philosophy that involves systematizing, defending and recommending concepts of right and wrong conduct.


In this model we adopt special methods to make the system efficient. Due to differences in climate, natural resources, geographical situation and efficiency of labour, a country can produce one commodity at a lower cost than the other.


Work Study When analysis of work methods is conducted during the period when a job is done on a machine or equipment, we say that work study is being conducted. Explain merge sort with suitable example.

Each Question carries 10 marks. Time and space are two main measures for the efficiency of an algorithm. Residual claimant theory Answer: Importance of ethics in PM: In this, the employees can extend their timings on busy days and use that later for compensatory time off.

Retirement of baby boomers: What are the characteristics of demerger? For example, before submitting a story to a magazine, you have to know its readership and editorial standards to make sure your piece will fit in.

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Influences employees in a positive way. For example in sorting and searching the basic operation is Q2.

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Types of Graphs Depending upon the vertices and edges and the weight associated to it, graphs can be classified as: Some times we see multiple service points and a single queue are formed for feeding them.

Write a note on the five-stage model of mergers and acquisitions.

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What do you understand by creating synergy? Answer all the questions.1. The science and art of using all the forces of a nation to execute approved plans as effectively as possible during peace or war. The science and art of military command as applied to the overall planning and conduct of large-scale combat operations.

1) Node can be accessed directly with the help of the index through which we can improve the efficiency of execution time of an algorithm. 2) Data are stored without Set 2.

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Mention the elements/points that must be kept in view when designing, developing and operating a PMIS (Project Management Information System) 1. List the 5 steps involved in a competitive bid 2. List the 5 elements/points that must be kept in view when designing, developing and operating a PMIS.

Fixtures Fixtures is a fixed state of a set of objects used as a baseline for running tests. The purpose of a test fixture is to ensure that there is a well-known and fixed environment in which tests are run so that results are repeatable.

Answer2a. Probability is a branch of mathematics that deals with calculating the likelihood of a given event's occurrence, which is expressed as a number between 1 and 0. Equivalent to Suzuki tool Socket dimensions: mm OD x mm ID x mm Pin Width/4 pins Used for removal and installation of spanner (castle) lock nuts Premium quality high carbon steel Heat treated for strength and durability Durable hot black oxide finish 1/2 inch drive Laser etched with Motion Pro logo and part number Lifetime Limited Warranty Use “Search.

Mu0015 set 1
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