Mazel tov in hebrew writing alphabet

You might think this was easy.

Cursive Hebrew

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Glossary of Jewish Terminology. Following is a partial list of Hebrew, Yiddish and other Jewish terms used on this web site.

Mazal Tov or Mazel Tov: Writing Phonetically

Unless otherwise specified, the terms are Hebrew. Mazal tov / Mazel tov: מַזָּל טוֹב good luck/congratulations [maˈzal tov] [ˈmazəl tɔv] Hebrew/Yiddish Used to mean congratulations. Used in Hebrew (mazal tov) or Yiddish.

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Used on to indicate good luck has occurred, ex. birthday, bar mitzvah, a new job, or an engagement. Indeed, the Hebrew language has found its way into our collective lexicon with certain phrases like “shalom” and “mazel tov”, but unless you’ve studied it, chances are your knowledge of Hebrew ends there.

Mazal Tov or Mazel Tov: Writing Phonetically

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Mazel tov in hebrew writing alphabet
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