Fun writing activities for 2nd graders

Second Grade Worksheets

Roger the Jolly Pirate by: What can Tacky do to escape? Our version features short vowel words, but you can adapt this game for other phonics skills as well.

Cam clearly remembers a boy in a green jacket standing very close to that same baseball, but can she prove it.

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Author Mark Shulman and illustrator Adam McCauley embed more than palindromes in the text and pictures, making this wacky story a highly visual exercise in wordplay. Ira Sleeps Over by: The newly grown plants are green, some of the holidays like St.

How to Save Your Tail by: This is a great way to clear out the classroom to make way for new things for the next year. Muth - Candlewick Press, 32 pages.

Favorite books for 2nd graders

Include three different things that happen on your adventure, and conclude your story by telling how you and your cousin get back home.

Margaret Wise Brown, illustrated by: Tell about what you will be when you grow up. There are so many ways you can use friendly letters and students are usually familiar with them already. Can he ignore a good mystery when it involves his dog Sludge and his friend Annie?

Are you looking for ways to get your students to be more descriptive when they write? This beautifully illustrated story set in Haiti presents details about Haitian art and ways of life. Amy Hest, illustrated by: I found that once I started upping my game with my place value content, my students would get excited and fall in love with numbers and math!

The Riot Brothers Return by: Find Duck for President at your local library. Tales Our Abuelitas Told: Tell about your most favorite book. Robyn Johnson - Handprint Books, 32 pages. Abby Klein, illustrated by: I love the illustrations and the closings of the letters are cleverly written!

Jackson and Goat love trying to outsmart each other by creating treasure hunts for one another.

2nd Grade Writing Worksheets

Jon Scieszka, illustrated by:For this fun writing activity students create their own monster and write a Find this Pin and more on 1st Grade by Dawn Stubbins.

For this fun writing activity students create their own monster and write a descriptive paragraph about them. Check out these writing activities for 2nd grade!

Kids will love these creative ways to diagram plots, differentiate fact from opinion, learn verb tenses, and more. Our writing activities also include fun and original writing-based games for 2nd grade.

Second Grade Math Worksheets and Games

2nd Grade Worksheets Second grade is when 7 and 8 year olds learn lots of new skills in reading, language, math, science and social studies. Help them master these skills with JumpStart’s collection of free, fun, and printable 2nd grade worksheets. Through the use of engaging Language Arts activities and worksheets, second grade students become immersed in reading both for fun and education.

Literary Response: Second graders are ready to experience a variety of literary genres., The leader in Educational Computer Games for Kids. Third Grade children's computer games and activities feature large and easy-to-use-navigation buttons. Reviewing material can be so boring.

Not only is it boring for you to teach, but think about how your students feel!

2nd Grade Writing Worksheets

When reviewing for a unit or state exam, try to incorporate activities and classroom games that engage students, not bore trick is to make it so much fun that the students don’t even realize they are reviewing material.

Fun writing activities for 2nd graders
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