Ethical issue paper for munchausen by

Videotapes captured episodes of serious injury or illness induced by a family caregiver in 33 of 39 cases.

Ethical Issues in Psychology

One study looked at mothers who were perpetrators of Munchausen By Proxy and found that many of them had experienced post-partum depression. I fear ICD 11 will follow their sorry example -- rather than learning from it. At all times she was fully in touch with reality, even as she made these profoundly self-damaging choices.

In addition to the trauma, the child has already endured they may undergo separation trauma Criddle, This includes how the mother is interacting with her child. It is necessary to be calm when approaching the parent, and emphasize the importance of helping them get their family back to normalcy Malatack et.

With awareness and collaboration more cases of Munchausen By Proxy can be diagnosed and prevented. In order to treat the illness the cause needs to be determined, whether it is depression or anxiety or something that is lingering from childhood such as an abuse or poor relationships.

The child is an entity to help them deal with their own personal problems. Later, she confessed to having irritated her skin. Although some may be trying to gain a relationship with a powerful person to have approval, others want to gain a relationship with a powerful person, i.

Rather than face a battle, the insurance companies settled out of court for more than a quarter of a million dollars. The clinician should inform the patient that his or her distress may improve with treatment.

In this case, the Court of Appeals expressed concern about the evidence attributing MBP to the mother. There are no benefits to BDD patients that could possibly outweigh the harm of increasing the number of heart attack patients, or autoimmune disease patients, wrongly denied medical care.

At all times she was fully in touch with reality, even as she made these profoundly self-damaging choices. You are responsible for the millions of medical patients whose diagnoses and treatments can be threatened by criteria for BDD.

I fear that even the first step--a formal policy statement from an established medical organization to help guide physician conduct--will be a long time in coming. They may try to harm themselves or others. Doctors secretly performed tests not explaining what they were really for to monitor serum and urinary electrolytes, which are among the most important fluid components in the body.

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Factitious purpura simulating autoerythrocyte sensitization. These restrictions are essentially the same in all states, though the specific laws and thresholds for commitment vary.

This requirement is absent in many other countries in the world, including England. Mental health and other professionals, physicians, and sometimes nurses, educators, and others are required by law to report situations such as MBP abuse.

This argument is compelling, but, once again, the bottom line is one that physicians--so used to calling the shots--find abhorrent: Apparently, Patient A had a very difficult childhood: Yet both situations are thefts.

The actions physicians must take are largely determined by the laws and standard professional practices. Review of her background showed that, a year earlier, she had been attending high school while claiming to be of high-school age.

Factitious proteinuria in a young girl. For example, in Amber Brewington was charged with attempted homicide for poisoning her infant son by repeatedly injecting salt water into his feeding tube at least 5—6 times while he was a patient in Tennessee and Pennsylvania hospitals.

On the one hand, the judicial system has been likely to find that a child was abused whenever a parent has introduced a foreign substance into the child's body to induce symptoms.

After being so informed, consumers then have the right to refuse the services or terminate participation. Two examples of purpura factitia. The name Munchausen came from German cavalry captain who known for telling exaggerated stories about his life, travels and adventures Berry, The research showed that the term “Munchausen by proxy” may minimize the impact on the victim.

The term is a diagnosis applied to the perpetrator, and individuals who posted online felt that labeling MCA as stemming from a mental disorder served as an excuse for the behavior. This paper presents three possible approaches to these problems, and suggests useful criteria for managing Munchausen's patients, gleaned from the law of privacy, providing physicians with a firm basis upon which to strike an appropriate balance of all competing considerations.

Ethical Issues in Psychology Psychologists often work with vulnerable individuals in sensitive situations. An important step in becoming a mental health professional or consumer of psychological services is to be aware of the ethical issues faced by psychologists.

The issue that occurs with Munchausen By Proxy is that education can only be done after it detected, and often it is too late for the child at that point.

More research needs to be done on risk factors and warning signs, in order to start education before the abuse occurs, or at the beginning of the process.

An ethical issue brings systems of morality and principles into conflict. Unlike most conflicts that can be disputed with facts and objective truths, ethical issues are. The curious case of Munchausen By Proxy Safa Elkhidir Metropolitan State University Introduction Munchausen Syndrome dates back towhen British physician Hector Gavin differentiated between people who faked an illness to achieve some sort of compensation and those who pretended to be ill for no other reason but to assume the sick role (Berry, [ ].

Ethical issue paper for munchausen by
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